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How do people find out about ya when you ain’t got no money?

Since we are a start-up and being sales and marketing manager I have to try and come up with cost effective initiatives for promoting SafeText. I’ve had a few ideas to date:

  1. Busking bonanza – Attention Bebe busked out 90’s tunes on the top of Grafton Street on Saturday 22nd January. The purpose was to raise awareness for SafeText and raise money for our sexual health affiliates: Irish Family Planning Clinic and the Well Woman Centre. Great fun and raised a good bit of money.
  2. Dart Attack – Friend from UCD contacted me about setting up a flash mob on the Dart between Lansdowne Road and Pearse Street Station. We worked at it for about 3 weeks and put it together. About 6 hours were invested by everyone involved for rehearsals which were held in Trinity.
  3. SHAG Week Promotions – Direct sign-ups to the service were attained through on the ground promotions in the third level colleges in Ireland at their Sexual Health Awareness Week’s. The response was excellent and has helped confirm in my mind that these sort of promotions are very much scalable particularly for Fresher’s week.
  4. Generating PR – To date we have had features in:
  • The Health Supplement of the Irish Times.
  • The Irish Examiner.
  • The Irish Independent; Liam had an article written on him in.
  • That’s my business’ section of the Metro Herald; I had an article written up about me.
  • The Late Late Show; short 45 second interview.
  • The Evening Show, Citi Channel; 10 min feature.
  • Joe Duffy Show; Liam on for 6 mins giving out about the banks
  • George Lee ‘The Business’; 10 minute feature which finished with Liam, Lewis and myself playing ‘Sunny Afternoon’ by the Kinks

So what’s next? Well I’d love to do some reverse graffiti (like this), maybe a large scale musical graphic score event with loads of musicians (like this), another flash mob (like the T-mobile ads), comic book strip about the pill, giant SafeText Art Attack and maybe even do something cool with a rake of Chinese lanterns perhaps all with the SafeText logo on them.

Let’s see how I get on……