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Born before technology was invented?

While conducting some research for a new product I’m working on, I came across this quote by Ian Calvert of Instant Grass and I blind posted it on Twitter last night:

“We only call it technology when we were born before it was invented”

This particular quote caught my eye within the presentations as it stood out, in my opinion, as a true and striking statement. I was surprised of the comments that came back to me, saying it was ‘complete tosh’ and ‘profound’.

Let me explain why I understand this to mean something quite simple.

When I grew up in the ’90s, there was no such thing as a DVD player or a HD TV, an iPhone or tablet devices that gave you the opportunity to check-in on your social graph, video chat and voip call. There was no such think as Foursquare, Skype, Google, Facebook or Twitter…

I was aged 10 before we had dial-up internet (we used to spend 10 minutes to see a page fully load with crappy Web 0.1 graphics) and it wasn’t till I was 12 that I got my first mobile phone, a Nokia 3210 (one of the first in my class too may I add). We even had the famous snake game, and we were addicted to the craze.

As I grew older, with technology growing so fast around me, I decided to learn and interact with this new technology, adapting to it as quick as I could.

People all over the world engage with this new technology every day, but it is the new generation that are now starting to grow up in, what is considered our ‘new technology’. They will grow up with an iPad in the house as if it was normal. They will grow up up broadband speeds reaching speeds of 1GB per second bandwidth…

Imagine a young person starting off with today’s ‘new technology’ – they will interact with it as if it is normal and common place, in the search for “newer technology”, newer technology that is even better than what we currently have, just because they can afford to think bigger, better and faster!

Some of my peers still have a Nokia 3210 today; perhaps I should tell them what they are missing out on!

  • kelvinjackson

    nice post and life experience

    • Liam Ryan

      Thanks Kelvin. Be sure to check back mid-Spring, we’ll be launching a whole string of new posts you might enjoy reading!

  • kelvinjackson

    Welcome, I will be waiting for the new launch..cheers