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New Website for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Upstarts

Since starting university in 2007, both myself and Chris have started a number of projects including a brass quintet and two health technology companies. Essentially we’ve been on mission to help others, do what we like to do, and to make money. But most have failed. is now our home with the title “Expert Advice from Two Failed Entrepreneurs”. It is a place for us both to merge our ideas. A place to remember our lessons learned. And most importantly a place to plan. In most cases our products and businesses had, in theory, a great plan and vision but execution and an undefined value proposition was detriment to our success. Our goal is to start writing this learning down and ultimately produce our own thesis of self reflection with a title like “Ah lads, you really should have done it this way!”.
I remember the story of “The Four Horsemen” each representing different aspects of the same tribulation. Our plan is to focus our writing on our four pillars of what starting success should look like, namely SalesProductMarketing and Network.
Our vision here is to help founding entrepreneurs and upstarts to sift through the nonsensical advice available today and make the right steps. These are our lessons, let them not be your failures.

Series launching in Spring 2015.