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Chris Rooney

I grew up in Belfast and moved to Dublin at 18 for college and music in equal measure. Alongside Liam, I started QT Brass – a five piece brass group where we played throughout Ireland and toured China, US and throughout Europe. It’s fair to say our 1st start-up experience gave us the bug!

Whilst in college and while living with Liam, we started our first company together called SafeText – a text message reminder service for women taking the contraceptive pill. Many a day was spent traipsing around college campuses promoting it to passers by and giving them a packet of Smarties if they signed-up for it there and then. All this taught me a valuable lesson – people will do almost anything for some free chocolate.

The subscriptions grew as did our thirst for the start-up space. The focus then turned to expanding the scope of the application more towards general health compliance and the idea for GetHealth was born (not a good analogy in the case of SafeText).

My role in the company was as head of Sales and Marketing. I personally got a huge amount from the experience of this role as it opened my eyes to the opportunities and challenges of a B2B sales process. Everything from cold calling to finding ways to mitigate long cycles. These experiences became further enhanced with a 3 month long business development trip to New York. I was there on my own representing the company and at times it was scary. But every day I made the hour-long commute from my digs in Queens to Manhattan because I believed in what we are doing and because the buzz of the start-up is like no other.

While things didn’t quite work out for us, I take only positives from all our work. Mostly because I have the firm belief that if and when we do it again, we’ll be even better.

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